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“When I first walked into this boutique in Vancouver, I knew this was where I wanted to be. I just had to bring Crossover back with me to Calgary,” says Aman Dhalay, the designer behind Javeda Fashions and proud owner of the Calgary franchise of Crossover Bollywood SE.

Dhalay grew up, constantly wrapped in the world of fabrics and textures. Her mother planted and nurtured the seed of Dhalay’s fashion knowledge, while her father trained her to become hard working and detail oriented. In addition, her cousins work in the fashion industry, which gave her opportunities to see fashion in action. Despite living a life so close to fashion, Dhalay does not have an education in fashion design.


“I knew fashion was where I wanted and needed to be”, says Dhalay, “but you don’t always need the certifications”. Dhalay has a natural talent in creativity. “My parents have always supported my creativity. My husband also supports me in my work. He keeps inspiring me to be more creative.” Dhalay has more than just natural talent. She attributes her fashion success to her educational background in Interior Design, Business and Marketing.

When she first arrived on the fashion scene as a designer, she had no education in fashion design, so she relied heavily on her communication skills to relay her vision to her manufacturers. It was not an easy journey. “I have to know the names of all the fabrics, beads, and any product I use in both English and my native language. It’s product knowledge that keeps people coming back, but that’s not enough. I need perfection. I have to design the way real fashion designers do it, but I can’t sketch at all.”

So, using YouTube videos, Dhalay taught herself how to visualizing her designs onto paper to better describe the intricate detailing of her work to both her clients and manufacturers.

Javeda Fashions initially started designing traditional garments for the older generation, but Dhalay plans to tackle the younger generation with versatile cuts of more flair, shimmers, embellishments and accessories.By taking the best of both worlds, Javeda Fashions has created versatile pieces that can be combine in different styles to fit any age group andoccasion. “You can wear my tops with accessories for that glamorous look or with jeans for a more casual feel.”


This versatility led to the incorporation of Western influences into Javeda Designs. For certain pieces, Dhalay chooses fabrics of the West ““ rich velvets, corduroy, and cottons ““ which are more suitable for the Calgary weather. In addition, there are a variety of outfits in the Javeda Fashions Collection that feature prints outside the traditional East Indian embroidery and brocades.

“On the runway, I want people to see something different every show. I want them to see the clothing and know me though my collections.” For Dhalay, designing is a way of spiritual enlightenment.

Javeda Fashions is about attention to detail and quality. Because of this, Dhalay gives 100% attention to the clients. “When you wear Javeda, I want the clothing to reflect the person you are and life you lead.When it comes to my store, it’s about using my fashion designer creativity to make other people beautiful. It’s not about me.”

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