105Modeling for Javeda has definitely become a life time experience! My first time modeling for Aman, I was blown away of how friendly and polite she was; definitely someone to get along with! There’s never a problem having any awkward moments with her! I knew from the start shed be someone Id definitely want to work with again; and I sure did! There was a lot of confidence in me because of the comments and motivation she puts into models, I always feel accepted. I realized Aman does not only put her hardest effort into making models feel comfortable, but shows her true talent and dedication she puts towards her fashion shows, show casing her beautiful work, and designing amazing clothing wear for everyone. I’m always pleased to model her clothing, as for its very unique and out going! I’ve never had any negative thoughts towards Aman or her work, I’m more than happy and proud to say Javeda Fashions is my favorite and I love modeling for Aman just because the positive vibe I always get around her.

Keep up the outstanding work!

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